Freshly brewed iced tea excites and refreshes, it is a popular alternative to fizzy drinks, allowing you to extend your beverage offer with a cold drink that appeals to the conscious consumer, with less than 2 calories; it is free from added sugar, sweeteners & added preservatives.

It allows you to increase your tea category’s volume & value and margin on tea by positioning Tea Fusion freshly brewed iced tea as a premium tea offer with a recommended selling price much higher than hot tea.

The Tea Fusion machine’s blue ‘Iced’ button brews tea hot but dispenses it over ice. In just 30 seconds the tea chills down to 7˚c, offering a consistent iced tea, brewed at the touch of a button in view of your consumers, so you don’t have to worry about preparing it the night before, how much fridge space it requires, or keeping track of the weather.

"Being able to serve both hot & iced teas from the same machine is operationally excellent for us, we now have a menu with 20 options from one machine; covering all seasons; hot & cold"

Andy Whittingham, Head of Catering Operations at Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospital